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We specialise in more than 150 different fields and we guaranty you efficient translations to suit your needs. Quality is essential for us and this is why we only work with experts in each fields to achieve the best translations.

We offer services at a competitive and reasonable price. At DELTALANGUE, Quality is a standard and because you deserve the best, all our translation works are proofread before final delivery. Professionalism leads us to Reactivity: we are able to deal with large volumes even within short deadlines. Integrity: Nothing is lost during the translation process.


General translation : Translate your documents

General Translation refers to documents on more general themes, with no specialist terminology. Whether you have a single document for translation or a large ongoing project, call or email us for a detailed quote or you can simply click on the Online Quote button.  
All our translators are highly qualified linguists who translate exclusively into their native language. Thanks to their experience and professionalism we can provide the solutions to your needs.

Legal translation : Translate your legal document
You need certified translations for your legal documents; our legally trained sworn translators can help.  
Their aim is to provide you with a faithful and accurate translation that preserves the legal force of the original document. The numerous legal documents we handle every day include:

Court summons
Birth and marriage certificates
Court documents


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